The food and drink industry is a responsible advertiser - but then you all knew that already because it's you that make the ads.

What makes this statement - from the Advertising Standards Authority, no less - interesting is that for years the industry has been lambasted by pressure groups and lobbyists blaming it for everything from the obesity epidemic to that scourge of our high streets, the binge drinker.

While a total of 2,729 complaints were made against 881 food and drink ads, a mere 46 were upheld.

The ASA found that, on the whole, food and drink companies were adhering to all the necessary regulations. It also felt that 46 upheld complaints was pretty low, considering the vast numbers of ads produced by this sector.

So it seems particularly unfair that food and drink ads may face even tougher restrictions over the next few years.

Putting further restrictions on an industry that is sticking to the rules can only damage trust and encourage more advertisers to either bend or break the regulations.

Forget the World Cup. This simply isn't cricket.