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First things first - Smoking Kills. It's right there on the pack in black and white if you don't believe me.

OK, so with that clear you have to wonder why a complete ban on the display of tobacco products as recommended by the Department of Health was held back from this week's Queen's Speech because of concerns over the economy.

Well maybe the answer is that the trade is right. Manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers all claim that the cost to their businesses (the ACS ­estimates £252m in store refits alone) will far outweigh an as-yet unclear reduction in the rates of young people taking up the dreaded weed. Surely, in this economic climate - or for that matter any economic climate - such a decision, which is set to financially devastate an entire industry sector, needs much more thought and crucially evidence.

It seems hard to justify such a major decision relying on evidence from Iceland and the sparsely populated Canadian province of Saskatchewan. So if the Government is prepared to favour the economy over health, maybe it knows the health benefits aren't that great either.

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