The British are renowned for pulling together in times of trouble.

And this true bulldog spirit was evident all over the country this week as the grocery industry worked round the clock to ensure that, despite the Arctic temperatures and heavy snow more akin to Siberia than Tunbridge Wells, stores remained opened and deliveries got through.

And its no surprise that The Grocer unearthed some real heroes who went above and beyond the call of duty to keep everything ticking over.

Take David Howe, the general manager of Batleys in Edinburgh, for example. He and his staff walked miles through the snow this week to get the depot open at 7am every morning.

"The snow is a big problem but we won't let it beat us," he says. "The show must go on."

Elsewhere local farmers arrived on tractors to help Asda avoid a repeat of last year's snowbound nightmare.

Even more amazingly, Sainsbury's defied all logic to open seven new stores on Wednesday. Hats off to them and to everyone in the industry who has pulled together to keep Britain going.