Only one newspaper covered a decision by, among others, Burger King, Compass, Sodexho and KFC to abandon trials of the Food Standards Agency's restaurant calorie labelling scheme. Why?

Launched in January 2009, 21 major restaurant and catering operatives signed up to the trials. And the scheme was not before time.

While food and drink manufacturers and grocery retailers were remorselessly challenged by NGOs and the FSA, with widespread support from a hostile media - despite the industry's many positive steps to reformulate products and improve labelling transparency - the restaurant and catering trade stood back and did virtually nothing, even though up to 25% of calories are consumed outside the home.

Indeed, Ofcom's regulation of HFSS advertising still allows fast-food chains like McDonald's to advertise on children's TV.

Now, although some smaller chains and contract caterers have made a long-term commitment to calorie labelling, several major restaurant groups are pulling out.

You don't suppose they're taking advantage of the FSA vacuum, do you?