The British turkey industry has a well-documented dilemma: it's wildly successful once a year but doesn't have too much to shout about the rest of the time, when it struggles to convince shoppers that turkey is for life, not just for Christmas.

At the convenience end, much of the category still suffers from the Turkey Twizzler effect perceived as 'cheap and nasty' despite efforts to boost nutritional credentials.

Now Bernard Matthews is making a new attempt to change British shoppers' attitude to turkey, with its fish-and-chip style Taste of Britain turkey breasts, battered in either salt and vinegar, cheese & onion or beer flavours. It's a baffling move.

Using familiar dishes to try to ease consumers towards eating more turkey makes sense, but a culinary institution like fish and chips? That's asking for some unfavourable comparisons.

Getting Brits to think of turkey without also thinking of Christmas will never be easy, but the turkey industry has managed to get there once before.

Rather than playing dress-up, perhaps it's time to build on that. Premium Twizzlers, anyone?