"We set the bar, the leaders by far," claims one of the hip-hop farmers in the 'rapping farmers ad'.

And Yeo Valley has indeed set the bar high in more ways than one with this ad. As we report in this week's issue, the ad campaign has contributed to a 14.9% uplift and an annualised £10m boost in sales for Yeo Valley, a massive achievement for an organic farm-based brand, especially in a market dominated by the likes of Danone and Müller. Tyrrells, eat your heart out.

But the secret of Yeo Valley's first-ever TV ad was not its organic credentials. The only reference in the two-minute ad is: "Yeah, we're down with the Soil Association."

And in selling its organic credentials to the mainstream consumer, its success has come not so much from the quality branding that saw Green & Black's another organic brand in the papers this week enter the mainstream.

Its success is down to brave, funny and memorable marketing. And we suggest an amendment to the Organic Trade Board's campaign slogan: 'Why I Love These Products (Which Happen To Be Organic)'.

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Yeo bigs up its sales to the tune of £10m (22 January 2011)