Have you come down with election fever yet? No, thought not.

But you can hardly go to the shops without bumping into a party leader, which says it all about how central the food trade is to our economy and how important to the electoral strategies of the major parties are the hundreds of thousands of ordinary, voting folk who work up and down the supply chain.

We’ve had Dave doing his everyman thing in a Cardiff cash & carry (Bestway) and then a Bolton bakery (Warburtons).

We’ve also had the PM visiting Morrisons, along with a smoothie maker even if it was just for a photo opportunity of him stood under a sign that said ‘Innocent’. The voting public might not see it that way come polling day.

In contrast, Nick Clegg has been conspicuous by his absence from the factories and supermarkets but it’s hardly the first time the LibDem leader has done a good take on the Invisible Man.

So next time your trolley is stuck behind a swarm of politicos and panting hacks, you know that’s why SamCam’s gone to Iceland.

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