Sir, The Industry Council for Packaging & the Environment (Incpen) welcomes the announcement of Courtauld Commitment 2 (CC2), an agreement between Wrap and manufacturers and retailers to achieve more efficient use of resources throughout the life of grocery products and their packaging.

Having worked towards taking a holistic approach to improving packaging and product supply systems for more than 30 years, Incpen is delighted. Many of our member companies were supporters of, or signatories to, the first Courtauld Commitment, which aimed for an absolute reduction in packaging waste, and a reduction by 2.3% of household food waste, by 2010.

Wrap's CC2 targets include reducing the carbon impact of packaging by 10%, cutting household food and drink waste by 4%, and reducing supply chain product and packaging waste by 5% by the end of 2012.

Incpen particularly welcomes Wrap's work to reduce food waste. Well-designed, resource-efficient packaging has a net positive environmental impact by preventing food from going to waste. Incpen members already build carbon, water and other resource savings into their own long-term plans, which include optimising packaging.

As the industry and Wrap get a better understanding of the complexity of supply chains, we hope it will lead to real, holistic, science-based decisions in government, not decisions based on single factors such as carbon or packaging reduction.

Jane Bickerstaffe, director, Incpen