from Simon Spence, MD, Pioneering Foods Group

Sir; At last frozen is getting the column inches it deserves ('Can frozen get its cool back?', The Grocer, March 18, p48).

I'm delighted to see that The Grocer's brainstorm session yielded so much positive news about an industry with so much more to offer. If only we could get the retailers to change their views and embrace the truly dynamic frozen industry.

It is a fact that frozen quality is as good if not better than most fresh, chilled and ambient equivalents (even veg - try steaming frozen sprouts). It is also true that frozen delivers true convenience. Sure, a chilled lasagne may cook quicker than a frozen one, but speed to plate has little to do with the convenience debate.

But without retailers' buy-in, The Grocer's 'blue-sky' initiative will lead nowhere. So a big shout goes out to Sir Terry, Andy, Justin and all their contemporaries - 'release the freeze and love frozen'!

Only then will convenience, quality and value fill the shelves.