Let's find a great future for cartons

Jon Davies Managing director, Homes & Marchant

Sir; Having read your article on the recycling of cartons ('A new waste line', The Grocer, 8 December, p38), I was left with a creative and moral dilemma. Morally, I applaud and support wholeheartedly what ACE UK has achieved over the past year, because its actions have saved the carton from the waste bin. Without new recycling and public awareness schemes, I am sure the major multiples would have stopped stocking cartons by now. The carton's downfall has always been in waste disposal. However, packaging plays a major role in marketing a brand. Cartons restrict a brand to communicating purely through a graphic identity. But now that cartons are part of an efficient recycling system, will this allow for more flexibility on form, finish and functionality, giving brands more opportunity to tell their stories while still maintaining their environmental responsibility? The more a carton can offer a brand, the more brands are likely to use them and the better our planet will be.