from Bob Farrand, director, Guild of Fine Food Retailers

Sir; Food from Britain research shows retailers are improving their local food offer, but not fast enough for consumers (The Grocer, March 25, p31).

A lot of work has been done by various organisations to ensure that awareness of local, regional and speciality foods among consumers is high, yet many buyers and retailers seem to be ignoring this opportunity. There is no excuse for retailers not to take advantage of opportunities for regional sourcing. Trade and consumer shows and farmers' markets take place right across the country. Many are on their doorstep, such as the Guild of Fine Food Retailers' Speciality & Fine Food Fairs in Edinburgh (May 14-15) and Harrogate (June 18-19).

In just one day at one of these shows, retailers can source hundreds of regional foods. If demand is growing, they should be making an effort to satisfy it.