Amongst this week’s (what seems like daily) headlines spewing out the latest ‘news’ about red meat causing cancer, red meat not causing cancer, red wine prematurely ending your life and, on the next page, prolonging it came news that potatoes can lower blood pressure.

While The Grocer does not endorse the findings of the study - which was carried out on 18 human guinea pigs - we have our own theory on why the potato has proven a hit in the health department. As we reveal this week, sales of prepared spuds (and other veg, for that matter) are soaring in contrast to their unprepared counterparts as food manufacturers make it ever easier for Brits to consume their favourite veg.

By our reckoning, microwaving a tray of ready-made mash instead of scrubbing, paring, boiling and mashing has got to be enough to lower even the most chilled-out shopper’s blood pressure.

As the growth in prepared is driven by the younger shopper, we predict people will indeed live longer. After all, who cares if you look like a sack of spuds if you’ve got the heart of an ox?