Sir, On average, a large cigar will take anything from 45 minutes to a couple of hours to smoke, depending on how often you take a puff on it, which is probably why small or 'mini' cigars have recently become more popular for outdoor smokers ('Smokers roll on', The Grocer, 19 February). I don't smoke anything minor, such as cigarettes, so when I wish to enjoy the comradeship of fellow nicotine-lovers in a public doorway, I prefer to inhale a fine Cuban mini cigar, or one produced by Davidoff, which usually lasts 15 minutes.

Like most of my fellow cigar aficionados, I like to choose the time and place to savour my larger handrolled tubes of fine tobacco - and that place is usually somewhere in the comfort and safety of my house (or a smoker-friendly friend's home), at a time of my choosing, far away from born-again puritans.

James Leavey, editor, The FOREST Guide to Smoking in London