Next week, all eyes will be on the chancellor, George Osborne, as he tries to steer the country back onto the road to recovery with his Budget.

Of course, he’ll get the blame if things go bad and take the credit if they go well, regardless of how much influence he or any politician for that matter actually wields over the economy. If he’s looking for positive signs of economic growth though, he need look no further than advertising and retail construction.

These two important sectors of the economy are surging ahead. And driving their growth are the supermarkets and food and drink manufacturers.

The supermarkets may be concerned about falling household budgets but in order to get their share they have seriously increased their ad budgets over the past year by 10.4%. Brands are also keeping ad execs ­happy with a 7.9% increase.

Meanwhile, supermarket expansion may not be everyone’s cup of tea but their spending on new stores has helped drag the retail construction industry back into growth. The industry will be hoping for good news from George next week it deserves it.