Sir, It was encouraging to read that Cornish pasties have been awarded EU Protected Food Name status. Unless made in Cornwall, all other pasties will have to drop the Cornish moniker in the future, distancing them from the traditional recipe and strong heritage associated with the real McCoy.

As organiser of the Speciality & Fine Food Fair, we can only applaud those companies that want to celebrate British regional produce. However, to read that it took the campaigners nine years to achieve the protected status is disconcerting.

Surely, to encourage more producers to apply to have their produce protected, the process must be streamlined, the hurdles removed and the red tape reduced. This is the only way that Britain has a hope of competing with other EU nations who currently lead the way in proudly stamping their food and drink with the distinctive EU Protected Food Name logo.

Soraya Gadelrab, event manager, Speciality & Fine Food Fair