When I joined The Grocer’s news team nearly six years ago I was given a crash course on the intricacies of two of the most complex beasts in grocery the co-operative movement and Nisa-Today’s. Since then the co-ops have become far less complicated, but Nisa-Today’s remains a real head-scratcher.

Until now. This week, the buying group-cum-retailer-cum-wholesaler-cum-retailer said it was considering the formation of Nisa and Today’s as two separate companies. Nisa for retailers. Today’s for wholesalers. This makes perfect sense.

In recent years Nisa-Today’s has become an increasingly retail-minded business, with a rapidly growing symbol fascia and national TV ads. And with the ongoing will-they-won’t-they saga around Costcutter, Today’s Group has been a little overlooked.

But it’s been going great guns recruiting new members and unveiling big plans for its own symbol fascia, which puts it in the position of being in direct competition with Nisa.

Together, the companies are good. The consensus is they’d be greater apart. And journalists won’t have to take a PhD in Nisa-Today’s any more.