Sir, Regular readers will already know that as part of its 'Food Vision', the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games has adopted the Red Tractor standards as the benchmark that all food will have to attain for the London Olympics Games 2012.

The launch of the McDonald's Open Farms Programme is another sign of the positive influence that London 2012 is having on UK food and confirmation that another multinational company realises the importance consumers place on provenance and the world-leading standards of UK production.

McDonald's has begun discussions with the NFU as to how UK agriculture can meet its sourcing needs and the work of the London 2012 Food Advisory Group has been an obvious catalyst for this.

However, the effects of introducing such mandatory standards are permeating way beyond the Olympics as many other food companies now recognise they need to raise their game to match them and the forthcoming publication of the London 2012 Food Charter, which aims to extend the influence of the 2012 Games policies into the wider food and catering market, will increase this further.

The NFU believes many more companies could benefit from adopting the Red Tractor and displaying the logo on packaging or on menus. It hopes the forthcoming Red Tractor Week (14-20 June), celebrating 10 years of the Red Tractor, will convince them to get engaged.

Lee Woodger, head of food chain, NFU