Sir, I write in response to an article on on 7 October titled 'Organic only for wealthy Londoners, claims poll'.

The Soil Association's Organic Market Report 2010 found that C2, D and E social groups accounted for 33% of the total organic spend in 2009. In addition, we know that 73.7% of organic sales are through the multiples and organic equivalents of many daily branded staples such as bread, cereals, milk, tea and coffee are similarly priced and in many cases cheaper than well-known branded items, indicating organic is not just for wealthy Londoners.

Price is frequently mentioned as a key barrier for the consumer which is why we aim to clearly explain the value of organic.

We're launching a three-year campaign at the start of 2011 designed to make organic even more accessible to everyone. Engaging with consumers will lead to increased frequency of purchase across all social demographics.

Huw Bowles, chair, Organic Trade Board