Dr Clive Black highlighted how the organic sector has experienced its first drop in sales after years of strong growth (Second Opinion, 27 March).

Fortunately most consumers have continued purchasing organic products, but have reduced the frequency and amount of organic and other ethical lines they buy.

There are actually very few people who buy mostly organic products. So it is absolutely essential that each organic product can demonstrate its value.

There are good reasons why organic primary products are more expensive than their non-organic equivalents, such as lower yields and slower growing rates. The challenge here is to explain why organic products are more expensive rather than just hope the label "organic" will sell them.

The organic industry has recognised the need to re-emphasise the benefits of organic products and has come together behind a generic ad campaign later this year organised by the Organic Trade Board. Individual organic businesses are also rising to the challenge with excellent marketing and NPD.

In summary the organic industry recognises the challenge and is gearing up for a return to growth and with still a very small share of the overall market, there is plenty of scope for this to materialise.

Huw Bowles, chair, Organic Trade Board