paypoint terminal

Sir: Following your article last week (‘Is it time to think outside the box?’, 25 July) and a positive, productive meeting with the NFRN, I would like to take the opportunity to provide a further PayPoint update to your readers.

In light of recent coverage, I am concerned that we’ve lost touch with a lot of our retailers and we’re committed to improving that over the coming months.

We have been listening and understand we could be doing a lot of things better to help them and their businesses. For example, they told us they wanted free calls to our contact centre, so we will soon be introducing a new freephone number.

This is one of a series of improvements we are making, including regular visits from our field team and the launch of independent retailer forums, to help understand their business challenges and help them profit from the PayPoint service. The significant investment in our next-generation payment terminal, launching later this year, will again enhance our service by arming retailers with the very latest retail technology.

It’s also worth pointing out that Apple Pay is an opportunity, not a threat. The 10,000 convenience stores that have our card payments service can offer Apple Pay right now. Since it launched a few weeks ago, a number of our retailers have already been processing transactions in their stores, introducing a fantastic, innovative payment option to their customers at no extra cost via PayPoint.

Steve O’Neill, group marketing director, PayPoint