Blogof has too much class, sophistication and basic human decency to laugh at the victims of industrial accidents. But every once in a while it's hard to stifle a childish giggle.

A press release sent to Grocer Towers this week was headed 'Fudge packing business fined for exposing workers to danger' comfortably enough to set off some innuendo-laden snickering from some of this column's less mature colleagues.

Even better, the missive continued with further information about the "screw conveyor" whose moving parts had been exposing themselves to the workers much to the chagrin of the fine folk at Her Majesty's Health & Safety Executive. The moral of the story: fudge-packers should always wear protection when there's screwing afoot. Ho hum.

Childish, perhaps. But not nearly as mindless as the new craze among kids of 'eye-balling' vodka.

Rather than staring at a bottle of Smirnoff to see who blinks first (like Vodkat), this means pouring the spirit directly on to the eye. Youngsters apparently think this will get them drunk quicker.

Which surely shows that minimum pricing has no chance of stopping people acting like idiots.