The Efra Committee's excellent report into securing food supplies up to 2050 highlighted just how important UK food production will be in the future.

Government should not evade the UK's moral responsibility to stand ready to increase food production to meet growing demand here and abroad. As laudable as efforts to boost developing country production are, they are not going to feed a growing, urbanising and increasingly affluent world population. At some stage, action must be taken to significantly ramp up capacity in the developed world.

The NFU welcomes the plans to investigate barriers faced by specific sectors in terms of production and consumption. However, the competitiveness of the food industry also needs additional focus, including better investigation of some areas of manufacturing.

The government recognises the need to increase productivity and the importance of R&D, but does not recognise how a decline in public funding is stagnating progress.
Tom Hind, NFU head of economics and international affairs