Thank heavens for straight-talking PR professionals.

Paragons of uncluttered thinking and linguistic efficiency, how much easier they make the lives of The Grocer’s newshounds.

In a typical exchange this week, we asked an agency acting on behalf of Birds Eye to clarify whether the ‘Simply’ bit had been dropped from its re-launched Simply Bake to Perfection range. And, if so, why the change?

Here, in full, is the pithy response we got back.

“Birds Eye re-launched their pack designs to the new Masterbrand architecture, which allowed them to develop a consistent, single-pack design across the Birds Eye and Iglo markets, which is in line with the brand essence of fresh, ­fabulous, everyday food.

“Ultimately the new Bake to Perfection pack design enables shoppers to easily navigate in the frozen fixture by focusing on the Bake to Perfection sub-brand and recipe variation. Birds Eye has ensured that the important and relevant messages such as the Bake Perfect Bag and Birds Eye’s Forever Food commitment are still featured on the front of pack for the consumer’s piece of mind.”

That clears that up! This year’s Plain English Awards are on 11 December, in case you fancy entering.