Sir, I read with interest about the 'retro revival that's so last season' (The Grocer, 18 December, p4).

It is very probably less about whether consumers are falling out of love with nostalgia and more to do with the product itself.

Many of the retro brands in your article were at some point delisted for a reason. There were probably insufficient sales and repurchase to justify their existence.

So while there may have been a burst of initial interest in these brands of the past, once re-trialled and used as a talking point among friends, consumers move on. The anticipated experience is perhaps not quite as good as remembered.

The retro brands enjoying positive growth will have invested in and developed their brands to increase relevance. Successful nostalgic relaunches are heavily reliant upon a mix of reinvention, reformulation, repackaging and re-aligning the brand with current consumer needs and expectations.

It is presumptuous to assume consumers will continue to buy something previous generations had good reason to discard.

Claire Nuttall, director of strategy & ­innovation, 1HQ