Sir, The BRC has succeeded in lobbying the EU to change the animal by-product regulations so retailers can dispose of low-risk material through less specialist channels.

However, this move contradicts the BRC commitment to reduce the environmental impact of retailers and could see them sending valuable waste to landfill as they combine it with general waste. We urge retailers to do the right thing and maintain specialist collections as the actual financial savings of reverting to landfill are negligible, while the positive impact on reputation is considerable. Does the retail sector really want to be seen to condone such environmentally harmful practices as landfill?

For a recycler, this news is disappointing as the sector has made positive environmental achievements through initiatives such as the Courtauld Commitment and changing by-product practices will be a step back. It is a responsibility of retailers to dispose of waste in the best way. Throwing food waste into landfill may be slightly cheaper in the short term, but it's not sustainable or environmental.

Philip Simpson, commercial director, PDM Group