The food sector faces many technical, financial and consumer challenges when it comes to changing the recipes of well-loved brands so they are lower in salt, or fat or energy. But our sector is proud of the way it has responded to these various challenges and it is now widely acknowledged to be leading the world when it comes to reformulation.

It is surprising therefore to see recommendations like those included in the 'health manifesto' launched this week by the Faculty of Public Health, which does not seem to recognise the significant efforts made by the sector and manufacturers in particular to voluntarily reduce trans fat levels. Intakes now stand at an average of 1% of food energy half the recommended maximum and measures by the food sector have been praised by the FSA.

This represents a real success story for British food manufacturers as well as for our consumers. By prioritising reformulation that does not increase satfat levels in foods, we think our efforts have delivered significantly better results for consumers than any of the regulation introduced elsewhere in the world surely such an example of measurable best practice is worthy of acknowledgement, and even celebration?

Barbara Gallani, director of food safety and science, FDF