Earlier this year, the Scottish Wholesale Association launched a petition to make the Scottish Government aware of the implications of its proposed ban of the display of tobacco products in shops. If this becomes law, retailers will have to pay around £1,000 for counter redesigns, on top of dealing with security issues and the inevitable loss of incremental sales.

Stage one of The Tobacco and Primary Medical Services Bill (Scotland) has already been passed by MSPs, but we remain positive that our views will be heard and would urge people to sign the online petition, which runs until Monday 12 October.

Our members support the Scottish Government's desire to discourage young people from smoking, but an ill-conceived display ban is not the way to do it. A more sensible approach would be to make it illegal for adults to buy tobacco products for those aged 18 or under, as is the case with alcohol. Better use of proof-of-age cards would also be a positive step.

If you share our concerns, please sign the petition before Monday. Go to http://epetitions.scottish.parliament.uk, click on 'Go to current e-petitions' and scroll down to 'Tobacco display legislation'.

Kate Salmon, executive director, Scottish Wholesale Association