Eight years ago, Independent Dairy Consortium MD Russell Spencer, had a vision for "the small guy to supply the big guy". 

IDC is a broker for the dairy industry and works in partnership with circa 150 dairies who deliver to our customers over England, Scotland and Wales. Our smallest retailer has six stores; the largest in excess of 1,000. We work with and for independent suppliers. Invoices, statements and payments are all dealt with by IDC. The suppliers delivers product on IDC's behalf. It is our role to bring the benefits of the smaller suppliers and producers to multi-site operators. 

Asda has recently announced a new sourcing team for locally resourced products, Tesco has appointed a dedicated local marketing manager, Waitrose has its Small Suppliers Charter and Sainsbury and the Co-operative Group follow similar initiatives. 

Perhaps our MD, Russell Spencer, and his team should have taken out a patent on the locally supplied and produced concept eight years ago.