How on earth is anyone who does not have a detailed scientific understanding of the science supposed to be able to make a reasoned judgement on this contentious issue when they are continually fed such bewildering mis-information? 

We in the UK continue to debate 20-year-old scientific discoveries as though they were still cutting edge. Other parts of the world embrace them, leaving our food chain trailing behind. 

What are we playing at still discussing "contamination", for example? Presence of traces of DNA between GM and conventional crops is no different to the crossing of genes between conventional and organic crops.
Mr Beddall's UK Mr and Mrs Public will always believe a simple lie rather than a complex truth. 

When I sow crops on my farm I quite naturally choose the varieties most suited to the conditions they are likely to face. The ones available bear little resemblance to those grown just a century or so by my forebears. Just where in the history of plant breeding and development would those who choose to ignore the facts have us stop development?