To any aspiring organic offering they provide a fabulous fusion of pleasing products, and far thinking philosophy.
Not content with mopping up all the organic accolades on offer, they are now starting to cause something of a commotion among their conventional competitors, by becoming the UK's fourth largest yogurt brand. 

So, why oh why did they change their packaging to something that looks like a tender tribute to the 1970s? 

Yes, I appreciate that that the pot is made from the thinnest practicable grade of polypropylene and that the chlorine free cardboard is 98% recyclable, but I still can't helping thinking that this cigarette stained design would look more at home on a tin of World War 2 rations. 

There is no disputing the young and vibrant feel of the new Yeo Valley logo, nor the ingenuity of a label that can be delicately detached to unearth an abundance of bona fide blurb. 

What does disappoint, however, is the use of such unflattering fruit imagery and a rather ropey tick icon. 

Whilst I applaud the company for wanting to project a more mainstream appearance I can't help thinking that this design looks backwards, not forwards (a bit like something Dr Who might find buried at the back of the Tardis).