Spreading the word about bottled water

Liz Bastone Communications manager, Bottled Water Information Office Sir; Your Focus On Bottled Water quite rightly points out important facts about bottled water, including that its contribution to the UK's carbon footprint is just 0.03% and that the vast majority of plastic bottles are 100% recyclable ('Battle on the water front, The Grocer, 1 March, p41). There is growing evidence that consumers are aware of these facts and understand them. Indeed, since being set up in 2007, the Bottled Water Information Office has worked tirelessly to ensure people are in possession of all the facts about bottled water so they can make an informed choice to continue enjoying it. Our spokesmen have recently appeared in high-profile broadcast interviews, including Radio 5 Live, BBC Breakfast and BBC News 24, and information from our office has been featured extensively across national and regional newspapers. As a result, we look forward to helping the more than 30 million people who already enjoy bottled water to continue making that informed choice, as well as continuing to make a difference to plastic recycling rates, which, as you quite rightly report, are already growing 40% year-on-year.