It was a busy week in eco-grocery, with ethical-sourcing Yorkshire wholesaler Suma grabbing a contract to supply the Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior with pulses, tofu and whatever else they eat on board between verses of Kumbaya and screenings of Free Willy.

“There is clearly a great deal of synergy in the way we both operate,” said Suma’s Paul Collins, who has presumably rammed a few Japanese whaling vessels with the company van in his time.

Meanwhile, it has emerged that dolphins may be even smarter than we thought – eating their meat is bad for you, according to Japanese scientists, thanks to their remarkable ability to soak up all the mercury that we’ve dumped into the seas. No wonder the creatures are so sensitive to changes in ocean temperature - they’re basically living thermometers.

The revelation that a bottlenose fritter or two might not be great for your health comes after the International Sushi Awards this month ditched the endangered bluefin tuna from competition. They didn’t specify whether the move was due to a guilty conscience on their part or sky-high levels of industrial chemicals in the fish.