Picture the scene. You take little Johnny to see to see Jack and the Seven Dwarves on the end of Southend Pier, Jack is a little too eager with the propulsion of a mint humbug and Johnny loses an eye. You take the company to court, win thousands in damages and, a result of the torrid affair, the organiser goes bust. Christmas is ruined for everyone.

This is at least what the organisers of the Babes in the Woods and Robin Hood production at Gorleston Pavilion Theatre in Norfolk saw when they looked into their crystal ball this season. So worried were they of a Christmas lawsuit that they have banned their panto stars from throwing sweets into the audience in case kids get hit on the head. Bah humbug indeed.

But wait. It looks like Johnny and co will have sweets rained down on them after all because sugar confectionery company Tangerine has come to the rescue. Like a true pantomime hero the company, on hearing the theatre's predicament, sent round a truckload of its super-soft Princess marshmallows so its stars could once again throw sweets with carefree abandon.

"Sweet throwing has always been a big part of the pantomime experience," says Tangerine non-executive chairman Chris Marshall. "Our marshmallows are soft, delicious and surprisingly aerodynamic."