SIR; I read Mr Kuti Ughayabalan's comments in your reader survey about The National Lottery ('Independent View - Retailers Say... Lottery Works for Us', The Grocer, May 20, p61), and would like to clarify Camelot's approach to selecting retailers.

Our overriding duty is to maximise returns to good causes through selling tickets in a socially responsible way. It is therefore imperative we get the best return on every terminal. We need to locate them in outlets which best meet player demand.

When a terminal becomes available, we assess our database of 100,000 potential retailers who meet our criteria and select those offering the best opportunity to deliver incremental sales growth according to demand.

The estate is reviewed by Camelot every quarter. There is no waiting list. Our experience shows that the accurate siting of a new terminal can generate incremental sales of about 50%.