One of the more disappointing headlines this week was 'Organic methods can help feed the world, claims Prince'.

Not disappointing because Blogof would rather the world starve than get fed. Disappointing because it turned out not to mean Prince, the pint-sized funk-pop legend who crafted Purple Rain, but instead the part-time oatcake peddler and official codger-in-line to the English throne.

Prince Charles launched his latest broadside against affordable food in the week the only man in the UK more posh than him, new Richmond Park MP Zac Goldsmith, announced ambitious plans to use only organic food in hospitals, schools and care homes. Goldsmith presumably didn't get the memo about those public spending cuts.

Of course, when Prince Charles isn't waxing political about how evil the food in supermarkets is, he's likely to be upset about their architecture. So what a blow when Grand Designs presenter Kevin McCloud this week blasted the Prince's architectural style as "Cathedral City cheddar design", adding that copying Georgian design produced buildings that were "about as layered, moist and flavoursome as a Jacob's cracker".