A classic example of anti-marketing from PepsiCo last week, as it had to apologise for a supposedly sexist iPhone application.

The app to promote energy drink Amp split women into 24 not-entirely flattering categories, such as 'rebound girl' and 'nerd'. It also helped users tot up their 'brag points' for 'scoring' (whatever that means) with the opposite sex. So it's also a bit homophobic, if you try hard enough to be offended.

Of course, Pepsi's apology for its crassness gained far more attention than the app alone ever would have. Look out for Stella Artois' new iFebeater app soon.

Tesco hasn't fared much better in handheld inconvenience. The retail goliath has staggered further towards modernity with its Store Finder app, which helps users well, you can guess. Famously, Apple initially rejected the app, which kept telling users their nearest branch was in Welwyn Garden City regardless of their location.

Now there's trouble with its invaluable Product Finder, which promises to end the misery of having to look slightly up at the giant banners above each aisle. However, it seems there's no reception in most Tescos, making the whole exercise even more futile. That's progress!