Sir, I write in response to BBC2's recent documentary Liquid Gold (Critical Eye, The Grocer, 27 November 21), which profiled the bottled water industry from its early days of Perrier to the present day. I have to say it was a fascinating and relatively balanced insight into the major players and highs and lows of their businesses.

Liquid Gold proved that innovation has come not through the product alone, but is now found in the bottling process (one nil to Nestlé Waters!). The way that water brands are being marketed is ever-evolving (one all to Danone for the Evian babies campaign!) and the days of the Pepsi:Coke soft drink wars have now been replaced by the Nestle:Danone water wars for the 21st century.

I think the industry breathed a small sigh of relief that the documentary wasn't another mis-informed Panorama style 'bashing' programme, but rather an insightful programme into a fascinating sector. We appeared alongside the CEOs of Nestlé, Danone, Highland Spring and Coca-Cola, which proves ethical retailing is set to continue and become more prevalent. One water has been on the 'one to watch' radar for many research and insight companies for a long time (we're very flattered) and we're delighted to be profiled by futurists who think we're ticking new boxes for consumers.

The only question remains is could this be some of the best free advertising that Nestlé and Danone are going to get this year?

Duncan Goose, MD and founder, The One Foundation