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Watch out for organic fraud!

21 Mar 2018 | By Chris Elliott

We have had a few scandals of late in the UK but compared with what is going on in Belgium at the moment, they are relatively small scale

Fish net

Fishermen furious following Brexit ‘betrayal’ Subscription

20 Mar 2018 | By Carina Perkins

’We will leave the EU and leave the CFP, but hand back sovereignty over our seas a few seconds later’


It’s not just fish: how panicked should people be about microplastic? Subscription

19 Mar 2018 | By Daniel Selwood

 Health organisations such as the FSA didn’t believe there was cause for concern but couldn’t be certain, it’s an emerging issue … 


What does Unilever’s move to Rotterdam tell us about Brexit and the UK's future? Subscription

15 Mar 2018 | By Carina Perkins

The fmcg giant insists it remains committed to the UK, and its announcement this morning focused on the “evolution” of its structure into three divisions

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Industry and campaigners reach a crossroads over food labelling Subscription

14 Mar 2018 | By Kevin White

Campaigners want meat and dairy labelling that could carry wording on methods of production similar to what is found on packs of eggs

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Can brands and online giants defeat ‘fake news’ together? Subscription

13 Mar 2018 | By Daniel Selwood

Suppliers need the influence of online and social media giants as much as those giants need the spending power of suppliers

Sven Lamote Alpro

The future of dairy alternatives: from ‘free-from’ to ‘full of’? Subscription

12 Mar 2018 | By Rachel Graham

Being ‘free from’ a certain ingredient is simply no longer enough to stand out from the crowd. It’s a useful starting point, no doubt, but little more …


Co-op faces reputational damage – but will it get a fine to match? Subscription

08 Mar 2018 | By Ian Quinn

While the general public tends to care less about food and drink suppliers than issues such as Fairtrade, today’s revelation raise worrying questions about the Co-op’s conduct 

coke bottles web

Coca-Cola’s diversification drive is raising eyebrows – but it’s a sensible move

07 Mar 2018 | By Emma Weinbren

With a soft drinks tax approaching in the UK, these innovations from companies are not as random as they may seem

sainsbury's meal deal sandwiches

Food industry faces mammoth reformulation task – but calorie focus represents a win Subscription

06 Mar 2018 | By Ian Quinn

Already thoughts will be turning to just how companies can react to such a sweeping call for calorie reduction, even though the specific sector targets won’t be set until the middle of next year


The government made a swift u-turn on plans to scrap pennies – what’s your take?

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