Sir, With regard to the letter from ASH (Letters, 2 July), the NFRN was never "exposed" in any publication "for concealing support from BAT". This is wholly untrue and we have asked Amanda Sandford for a retraction. The NFRN has always been upfront over our funding with MPs and the media. As with all other trade associations, a certain amount of income is derived from commercial relationships with suppliers, but out of the 20% of our funding derived from our 200-plus commercial relationships, less than 5% comes from tobacco companies (not limited to BAT). Commercial partners have no say in our public affairs policy, which remains the sole preserve of our members.

However, we were most interested to see that Sandford actually confirmed the basis of our complaint of ministerial misconduct by stating (even more vehemently than the minister) that the official of the ASH parliamentary lobby group "is well known to have worked behind the scenes" on legislation.

Kieran McDonnell, national president, NFRN