Sir, Your article on AB Sustain's call for a single welfare label for meat products ('Shoppers demand a single welfare label', 22 October, p35) might lead uninformed readers to assume one does not already exist, when in fact it does, in the form of the Red Tractor logo.

We find it naïve that these claims have been made when the Red Tractor logo is already on more than £11bn worth of meat, poultry, dairy, cereals and fresh produce in every major UK retailer, assuring products throughout the entire food chain - from farm to food pack.

This simple, shorthand logo for shoppers is an indicator of standards and provenance and delivers the most cost-effective, consumer-friendly standards label for meat and other fresh food.

More than half of UK shoppers already recognise the mark, more than any other food assurance mark in the UK. The last thing the retail industry needs is to tear all this up and start again.

David Clarke, CEO, Red Tractor Assurance