Casting aside the fact that The Grocer broke the story five months ago, this week's media furore surrounding the University of Southampton study linking certain additives and hyperactivity in children is looking increasingly outdated.

While the Daily Wail predictably blasted the entire food and drink industry for plying children with colourful nasties, the fact is that manufacturers from Britvic to Nestlé, and supermarkets from Marks & Spencer to Sainsbury's, have already been working round the clock to remove all artificial colours from their products, and this year has seen major steps forward.

A trip round the local supermarket last night did yield a few products containing one or more of the six E-numbers and one preservative tested for this FSA-funded study: for example, Haribo mix, tangy cheese Doritos and Cadbury's Trident Splash. Doubtless work is afoot to reformulate. And given that most parents have known about the dangers of such additives for years, perhaps the next study could examine who's still using them.