News this week that the Conservatives plan to ditch traffic lights on food labels in favour of the front-of-pack Guideline Daily Amounts system favoured by the European Union was a welcome boost for food and drink manufacturers (and a fair few retailers) in an otherwise turbulent year.

If the Tories get into power – not what you would call a big ‘if’ in the current political and economic climate – the demise of the traffic lights system now looks certain. The announcement by shadow health secretary Andrew Lansley will also encourage business leaders that the industry will have a voice.

This impression was underlined by the news that Unilever boss Dave Lewis is to head up an independent working group looking at obesity and public health, giving the industry a powerful voice close to the heart of what looks increasingly like the government-in-waiting. With the Tories also supporting our campaign to start again with the FSA’s Nutrient Profiling Model, feathers in Aviation House must be feeling pretty ruffled.