While the rest of us padlock our purses and think twice about our daily Starbucks, Langholm Capital is on the spend.

The private equity firm, whose lead investor is interestingly Unilever, forked out close to £40m last week to buy premium crisps brand Tyrrells.

Langholm says it will "do a Dorset" on Tyrrells to double its sales. With no plans to change packaging or positioning, can we expect such a dramatic rise in fortunes?

Certainly getting onto Tesco shelves nationwide will help. And with rival Kettle Chips' sales nearing £60m and increasing more than 20%, there's plenty to go for.

But it seems it still has a bit of spare change jangling in its pockets, having made a four-fold return on its investment in Dorset Cereals, which it sold to Wellness Foods for £50m last month.

Given the credit crunch and

retail doom and gloom, its comforting to know private equity

investors still believe there's a bob or two to be made from untapped potential.