FSA chair Dame Deirdre Hutton is in the mood for fighting talk. Stung by criticism of the way the agency reacted to the findings of research into the effects of additives on children - many believe it should have banned them - she appears to be attempting to shift the blame onto the industry.

But why? Major retailers have already eradicated these ingredients from their own label ranges, as most manufacturers have with their branded lines. Furthermore, there is a general trend towards eradicating all artificial colours and preservatives, as research by Mintel has shown.

Where companies have not taken these additives out, it is usually because of technical barriers - not a lack of willing.

The FSA's aggressive stance is baffling and its efforts to engage the industry are clumsy.

It should have praised the industry for the effort it has already made to remove these nasties, and pledged to help it continue this good work. Instead, it has tried to paint the industry as the bad guy to cast itself in a better light and score cheap points with Daily Mail readers.