This week we learned that the Department of Health is considering launching a labelling scheme to help shoppers choose foods that comply with "credible" health advice.

The nice people in government are worried that we are becoming confused by all the healthy eating messages they are bombarding us with. A new label, they think, will help us identify at a glance which foods are "good".

Meanwhile, we also discovered this week that the Welsh consume less salt than either the English or the Scots. The boffins at the Food Standards Agency have admitted they are flummoxed by this revelation.

Isn't it disconcerting that our government, which has embraced nannyism with all the gusto of Mary Poppins, is fully prepared to tell us what to do and what not to do, yet when we actually do it (or don't do it), as in the case of salt consumption by the Welsh, they haven't a clue why?

It's not our food that needs another label, it's a government that can't help but meddle in our lives. And it should read: "Warning - may contain nuts."