You may or may not be aware that today is actually the official first birthday of the credit crunch.

A year ago none of us had ever heard the term and now it seems no journalist anywhere in the world can go 50 words without throwing those two six-letter words into their copy.

The thing is that just 14 months ago Whole Foods Market had not heard of it either when it finally opened its all-singing all-dancing 80,000 sq ft temple to organic produce in Kensington High Street.

Before it opened, experts were cheerily predicting it would change the way we shop forever. But the predictions didn’t factor in the credit crunch and this week WFM announced a UK pre-tax operating loss of £9.4m.

Suppliers hold to the economic downturn as the reason but others say the store is simply too big and parking too limited. Perhaps it should take a leaf out of Booths’ book – the Harrods of the North last week began selling much of its fruit and veg for 50p – possibly the clearest barometer yet of the impact of the credit crunch.