London 2012. The vision: to stage inspirational Olympic Games that capture the imagination of young people around the world and leave a lasting legacy.

A worthy aspiration, not least because inspiring children to become more active is not only a good thing but positively vital if we are to prevent our obesity crisis turning into a catastrophe.

So no doubt readers of The Grocer will be ready and willing to invest money and time into supporting the cause.

But hold on. Have we forgotten something? In just a few days, Ofcom is expected to announce tough new rules on advertising to kids, affecting products deemed high in fat, salt and sugar using the highly unsatisfactory nutrient profiling model. And who is likely to be top of the hit list? Only Coca-Cola and McDonald's - two of the IOC's premier sponsors.

Oh dear. Yet again we have a lack of joined up thinking - Health on one side and Culture, Media and Sport on the other. Wembley and the Dome have already made us the laughing stock of the world. Surely they wouldn't jeopardise the Olympics too?