Caps off to Coca-Cola. The soft drinks giant has shown once again that it is big but also clever - and stuck one in the eye of the doomsayers who predicted that its reliance on carbonates would prove to be its downfall in this ever-so-healthy modern world of ours.

Coke is still the UK's most valuable brand, scoring high marks not just for its sales but for the strong bond it holds with its consumers. It's worth £1.16bn over here, up 9% in value on last year.

Coca-Cola has played to its strengths in drinks rather than moving into alternative, healthier categories. Just look at what it has achieved with Zero. And it continues to innovate. Its new resealable cans and grip bottles (p67) are just two examples of how it is breaking new ground while remaining loyal to carbonates.

We can expect more. This week it unveiled its new research centre in China, which will look at making herbal flavours for Coke, and reported early signs of recovery for the US side of its business.

It's amazing what a bit of self-belief can do.