Frozen food sales continue to spiral downwards, but suppliers are hardly playing to their strengths
Sales in frozen food are down yet again as consumers continue to switch to chilled products. Given the pressures on the category, that will come as no surprise.

But if suppliers want freezer aisles to stop being the last port of call for shoppers, they are hardly playing to their strengths.

Much of the sector&'s NPD, for instance, involves breaded or battered chicken and fish, ­pizzas, gateaux, cheesecakes and chips.

Not exactly products that demonstrate ­frozen&'s healthy credentials at a time when this particular debate is raging.
While Unilever&'s &'five-star food - ­frozen&' message is commendable, it is a lone voice and comes at a time when the group is trying to offload the business.

There are also many simple things that suppliers could do to get shoppers to rethink frozen.

Take those who want products that won&'t melt on the leather seats of their new 4x4. Gü has the right idea - better insulated packaging that takes the rush out of buying frozen foods.

This sort of lateral thinking is in short supply in frozen. Other ­suppliers, take note.