The Great Tour, Caravan's mammoth bike ride around the coastline of Great Britain, is currently 40 days and 4,000km in. According to the Tour's blog, that leaves just the 2,500km to go, so it's pretty much all downhill from here (metaphorically).

Only slightly less ambitious is the latest charidee stunt dreamed up by the good people at frozen fishmonger Young's, who plan to traverse the Humber Bridge by space hopper. The bounce-a-thon runs 2.2km, across the world's fifth-largest suspension bridge (Akashi Kaikyo, Xihoumen, Storebælt and Runyang, since you ask).

It's also a trial of mental resilience. Famously, the Humber Bridge last year became the scene of a ­dramatic stand-off when former Hull City football boss Phil Brown talked down a woman intent on jumping off. But that's just Hull for you.

An even tougher challenge was completed last month by Kris Yule of energy drink maker Go Fast. He somehow survived the frankly bonkers Kindrochit Quadrathlon, swimming lochs, climbing mountains and wrestling bears (or something) for more than 12 hours straight.

He burnt 11,000 calories in the process, which is a lot of Kendal mint cake.